Contracts & Agreements
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Service Agreement

Your services agreement with Accelerated Business Solutions includes the policies that apply to the products, solutions, and service plans that you have purchased or leased. This contract extends to a wide range of hardware and software solutions provided by ABS.

Click here to access the Master Services Agreement.

Team Of Business People Working Together On A Laptop

Managed Services Contract

Your managed services contact with Accelerated Business Solutions extends to a wide range of IT services such as servers, network monitoring, update and patch management, managed antivirus, firewall and security, and maintenance/repair.

Click here to access the Managed Services Contract.

Businessman With Laptop In Network Server Room

Hosted Services Contract

Your hosted services contract with Accelerated Business Solutions provides your business with data security and privacy protection through our backup appliance with cloud recovery, host server management and monitoring, and virtual server solutions.

Click here to access the Hosted Services Contract.